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Sky Q box to go on sale for £99

Sky says its next generation Sky Q box will require a set-up cost of £99. Sky Q will go on sale 9 February; installations will begin at the end of the month.

Vodafone launches TV service in Ireland

Vodafone will sell a basic bundled broadband and TV package for €70 a month, while Vodafone TV Plus bundle comes at a price of €80 per month. Vodafone TV has a restart function for customers to catch up on programmes they missed in the previous 7 days. The TV service provides direct access to the Netflix app.
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Digital TV

The benefits of digital TV

With digital TV you can watch TV whenever you want. You can order movies and series and pause live TV. Catch up TV and Replay TV enable you to view a program that just recently broadcast and you may have missed. Some broadband providers even allow you to restart the program from the beginning in case you have missed part of it during live TV broadcast.

Digital TV is available from most broadband providers such as Virgin Media, BT, TalkTalk and Sky. Mobile broadband provider EE has also launched a TV service in 2014 and Vodafone is expected to follow by the end of Q1 2016.

With most digital TV services you can record your content on your box, for instance the Sky TV service come with Sky+ and Virgin Media provides a TiVo box. For viewing TV on you mobile or tablet, you can download an app and watch live TV anywhere within your home or even elsewhere within the UK. The app often provides you with additional functionality such as setting a remote recording or continue viewing on your mobile device while being on the go.


The benefits of Broadband internet

Broadband internet offers you the ability to be constantly online at a fixed price per month. Over the years, the speeds via ADSL, VDSL, fiber optic cable, have increased significantly. Speeds of 50 Mb/s, even up to 200 Mb/s are possible in the UK today. More efficient distribution techniques and advanced set top boxes enable a visual rich interactive TV experience and allow for services such video on demand and the streaming of games. Compared to ADSL, the speed of VDSL2 can be up to five times higher, making downloading and streaming movies for services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video in high-definition quality extremely fast.

With broadband, it is also possible to simultaneously watch internet TV on multiple screens via your WiFi modem, for example during the live broadcast of The Voice you may be able to view a second video channel on your mobile and take a look behind the scenes, or participate in the program by voting for a candidate.

Broadband internet is offered as a separate package, however often the service is bundled as part of an all-in-one subscription package (internet, TV and home phone). By bundling different packages together, broadband providers offer the combined package usually at a discount or create special deals whereby you may receive a digital TV decoder / box and WiFi modem for free.

Online TV

How to view Online TV

Many broadband providers have extended their TV service with an online TV product. As digital TV subscriber, you can usually watch TV for free on a mobile, tablet or PC. Examples are Virgin TV Everywhere and Sky TV Go.

For your mobile and tablet, the app may provide access to live channels and / or on demand content. It may even be possible to record a program remotely while being on go, which you can watch later at home.

There are also providers that deliver online movies and series without providing live TV channels, Netflix is a well-known example within the UK. With Netflix you gain unlimited access to a wide range of films for a fixed monthly fee. While Netflix is accessible on most devices via an app you may require an additional device to actually view Netflix movies and series on your TV. In case your broadband provider or Connected TV doesn’t include a Netflix app, streaming devices such as Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV or a Roku box can be a good alternative to enable viewing Netflix on TV.

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