TalkTalk broadband TV

  • Digital TV subscribers: 1.400.000
  • Services provided via IPTV ADSL, Fibre and Terrestrial (YouView / Freeview)
  • Organisation: TalkTalk was a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse and was demerged as a standalone company in March 2010. TalkTalk TV was formally known as Homechoice and Tiscali TV
  • Products: TalkTalk TV

TalkTalk contact details

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About TalkTalk

TalkTalk is the UK’s leading value for money provider of fixed line broadband, voice telephony, television and mobile services to consumers and businesses. TalkTalk serves four million customers across the UK under the TalkTalk and TalkTalk Business brands.

TalkTalk TV brings together the Freeview channels and video on demand content and is delivered through a YouView set top box. The YouView set top box requires a connection to your TalkTalk broadband internet, which means you can now stream and download films and television directly from the internet. A seven day ScrollBack guide brings together a whole week of catch up TV content from channels such as BBC iPlayer, 4oD and ITV Player. The YouView box also allows you to record, pause, rewind live TV.

TalkTalk TV is available as part of two packages and is bundled with broadband internet and home phone:

  • TalkTalk Essentials TV – This is the basic TalkTalk TV package. You get a free YouView box with around 70 basic channels, 12 HD channels and access to catch-up and on-demand services. You can and even use streaming video services such as Netflix. With the YouView box you can pause and rewind live TV and it comes with a user-friendly TV interface.
  • TalkTalk Plus TV This includes everything in the Essentials TV package plus 6 Sky channels (including Sky1, Sky2 and Sky Living). With Plus TV you get a superior YouView box, which lets you record up to 200 hours of live TV.
  • TalkTalk TV subscribers also get a free service that lets you watch TV on your mobile or tablet. It’s called TV2Go, and the service includes live and catch-up content. You can stream TV2Go on two devices at once. If you want, you can start watching on your mobile and finish watching on your TalkTalk TV box.