Virgin Media TiVo TV

  • Digital TV subscribers: 3.700.000
  • Broadband internet subscribers: 4.600.000
  • Service provider via Cable, ADSL, Fibre
  • Organisation: Virgin Media is owned by Liberty Global, world largest cable operator with operation in 14 countries
  • Products: Virgin Media TV,  Virgin TiVo en Virgin TV Anywhere

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About Virgin Media

Virgin Media is UK’s only cable network providing broadband, TV, mobile phone and home phone services. The company was formed following the merger of NTL and Telewest in 2006 and rebranded to Virgin Media in 2007. Virgin Mobile was launched in 1999 as the world’s first virtual mobile network and Virgin Media is also one of the largest fixed-line home phone providers. Today, Virgin Media is part of Liberty Global plc, the world’s largest international cable company. Together Virgin Media and Liberty Global serve 24 million customers across 14 countries.

Virgin Media operates its own fibre-optic cable network and as such can deliver ultrafast broadband to over half of all UK homes achieving internet speeds of up to 150 Mb/s.

Virgin Media’s TV platform is build around the TiVo set top box which brings together broadcast TV, with movies and catch up TV on demand and web content.

With Virgin Media TV you can choose between the following 4 main packages:

  • More TV – Comes with 70+ channels and a TiVo 500GB TV box, Sky 1, Sky Living and Sky Sports News HQ and 10 channels in HD.
  • TV M+ – Comes wth 130+ channels and a TiVo 500GB TV box, you’ll get 7 Sky channels and 11 channels in HD.
  • TV L – Comes with 170+ channels and a TiVo 500GB TV box, you’ll get 7 Sky channels and 11 channels in HD.
  • TV XL – Comes with 230+ channels and a TiVo 500GB TV box, you’ll get 12 Sky channels and 47 channels in HD.
  • There many upgrade possibilities, you can choose for an additional standard Virgin V HD box as a second box for another room. It lets you watch HD and non HD TV channels, Catch Up TV and TV On Demand. Unlike Virgin Media TiVo boxes it doesn’t have a hard drive so you can’t pause, rewind, or record TV. Alternatively you can go for the larger TiVo 1TB TV box which let you record a 500 hours of standard TV (100 hours of HD). Similar to the 500GB you can record up to three different channels at the same time, pause and rewind live TV, and access top apps like Spotify and Netflix.

    Existing Virgin TV customers can subscribe to Netflix from the TiVo App Store, which you can find under the Apps and Games section of the TiVo home screen. You can also acces it via a shortcut by going directly to channel 204. As Netflix content is streamed on demand it requires a broadband internet connection, however as TiVo has its own broadband connection, your home broadband isn’t affected.

    With Virgin Media TV you can also get additional channels either as a bundle, such as the Sky Sports & Movies Collection, or you can subscribe to individual channels and for instance only take Sky Sports or Sky Movies.